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Clients ask me on a daily basis about mortgages, college education, how to handle their debt, and more. I love to help clients with these big life decisions and want them to feel comfortable with and informed about their chosen solution. The tools on this page can help you explore answers to your day-to-day finance decisions. Of course, these tools cannot replace the experience and knowledge of a financial professional. However, they are an excellent start.


  • Car Loan Calculator –Whether you have already purchased a vehicle or are trying to figure out what you can afford, use this tool to help find how much you would need to pay each month on your loan. CLICK HERE
  • Home Equity Loan Vs. Auto Loan – If you aren’t sure if a home equity loan is right for you for your next auto purchase, you can use this calculator to explore your options. CLICK HERE
  • Lease Vs. Buy – If you are asking yourself whether to lease or buy, this tool can help find what is right for you. CLICK HERE


  • Breakeven Analysis – When deciding a sale price for your product, it is helpful to know how many you would need to sell at a given price. Use this tool to help calculate when you will break even. CLICK HERE
  • Business Valuation – Discounted Cash Flow – This calculator uses the discounted cash flow methodology to find a business valuation. It is helpful in illustrating how the Net Preset Value is impacted by changes in projected growth rates and capital assumptions. CLICK HERE
  • Cash Flow Calculator – This tool will find the cash flow your business generates. CLICK HERE
  • Equipment Buy vs. Lease – To find out whether you should lease or finance your equipment, use this calculator. CLICK HERE
  • Financial Ratios – There is a lot to manage when running a business, and this tool will help you find areas that need a little extra attention. From efficiency to solvency and liquidity, this calculator will help you focus on the areas that need it. CLICK HERE
  • Working Capital Needs – This tool will help you calculate the working capital needs of your business for the next year. CLICK HERE

Debt and Credit Cards

  • Accelerated Debt Payoff – Generally, the faster you pay off your debt, the less you pay. Use this tool to see how you can accelerate debt payoff. CLICK HERE
  • Credit Card Pay Off – This tool will help you determine what it will take and what you need to change to pay off your credit cards. CLICK HERE
  • How much do you owe? – This calculator will help you determine how much you owe so you can begin a repayment plan. CLICK HERE
  • Personal Debt Consolidation – Determining whether you should consolidate your debt or not is a big decision. Use this tool to see if it may be right for you. CLICK HERE
  • Roll-Down Your Credit Card Debt! – Use these two simple rules to help pay off your credit card debt. CLICK HERE


  • Alternative Payment Frequencies – Sometimes loan payments do not need to be made on a monthly basis. Use this calculator to determine payment amounts for various frequencies. CLICK HERE
  • Amortizing Loan Calculator – Trying to decide how large of a loan to take out? Enter your desired payment amount, and this calculator will tell you the loan size. Or, enter the loan amount and get the required payment. CLICK HERE
  • Line of Credit Payoff – This calculator will help you find how to pay off your line of credit and what you need to change to meet your goals. CLICK HERE
  • Loan & Credit Line Payment – To find your loan or credit line payment requirement, use this calculator. CLICK HERE
  • Loan Comparison Calculator – This tool will help you compare loan options by monthly payments, fees, and more. CLICK HERE


  • Bi-weekly Payment Calculator – Using an alternative payment plan can help you pay off your mortgage faster and with less interest. This calculator will help you compare a traditional plan with an accelerated bi-weekly schedule. CLICK HERE
  • Mortgage Comparison: 15 Years vs. 30 Years – This tool will help you compare a 15 and 30-year mortgage and determine which is right for you. CLICK HERE
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator – This calculator will help determine your monthly payment and amortization schedule. CLICK HERE
  • Mortgage Payoff – Increasing your monthly payment will help you pay off your mortgage faster and with less interest. CLICK HERE
  • Mortgage Refinance Break Even – This calculator will help determine when you would break even if you choose to refinance. CLICK HERE
  • Refinance Interest Savings – This tool will help determine how much money you can save by refinancing your mortgage. CLICK HERE

Personal Finance

  • Checkbook Balancer – Use this tool to balance your checkbook. CLICK HERE
  • Home Budget Analysis – Analyze your budget and see where you are really spending money with this home budget tool. CLICK HERE


  • Retirement Pension Planner – Create a retirement plan with a company pension and see what you need to do to stay on track. CLICK HERE
  • Retirement Planner – Use this tool to see if you are on track for retirement and learn how to stay there. CLICK HERE
  • Roth IRA Calculator – Compare a Roth IRA with a taxable investment using this helpful calculator. CLICK HERE
  • Roth IRA Conversion – This calculator will help you determine if it would be advantageous to convert your IRA to a Roth. CLICK HERE
  • Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA – This tool will help you find which IRA is right for you. CLICK HERE
  • Social Security Benefits – Estimate your Social Security benefits with this calculator. CLICK HERE
  • Traditional IRA Calculator – This tool will help you determine how contributing to a regular IRA will help with your retirement. CLICK HERE


  • Benefit of Spending Less – Use this calculator to see how much you will save by reducing your spending — it might be more than you think. CLICK HERE
  • College Savings – Higher education is important — and expensive. Use this tool to work out a savings plan. CLICK HERE
  • Savings Goals – See what you need to do to reach your savings goals. CLICK HERE


  • 1040 Tax Calculator – By entering basic information like your filing status, income, deductions, and credits, this calculator can estimate your taxes and your return. CLICK HERE
  • U.S. 1040EZ Tax Form Calculator – Use the 1040EZ to calculate your taxes. With only seven required fields, it is quick and considerably less complicated. CLICK HERE
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